Oceans are just beginning to get explored with modern technology

We all live in a yellow submarine:P

, like submarines, underwater ocean hotels and diving suits. I think that the underwater pressure is too much for humans to handle, so we could send unmanned submarines with cameras to explore the dark zone and bring back live footage to see what lives down there.

Another type of underwater technology is an underwater camera. The underwater camera is used to photograph the deep sea, so we can tell how they live and explore more. Then, when conditions on Earth become too extreme, we can be prepared and then we can move into the extreme planets when we can not live on Earth anymore.

Another kind of underwater technology is the pressure chamber. The pressure chamber goes down and tests how much pressure there is and helps divers experience the extreme pressure.(Think of it like in your water gun, the pressure chamber is what make the water squirt out after the pressure builds up, once you have pumped it.) Astronauts use a pressure chamber to experience what it will be like once they blast off into space.

I hope in the future we can find a way to UNpollute the oceans so that the sea creatures have a longer life.

Best Underwater Camera Wide Angle Diver

underwater cameras are also used to explore the deep:P