Two of the deep sea creatures are the Basket Star and the Yeti crab. We wanted to research these creatures because they looked really neat.

The first one we decided to tell you about is the Basket Star. This creature can grow up to 70 cm in arm length, lives in the deep sea, can live up to thirty-five years, and weighs eleven pounds.

The second deep sea creature we researched was the Yeti crab. This creature was discovered in the Pacific Ocean, and it is exactly 15 cm long. It's discoverers have called it "the Yeti crab," or "the Yeti lobster." The Yeti crab is known for its silky blond fur covering its legs and claws.

this is the picture of the basket star


this is the yeti crab/yeti lobster

The first picture is of a Basket Star and the second is a Yeti crab.